The 7-Letter Divide that Separates World Moving

from Everyone Who Wants to Be One…



An effective message is the ultimate divide between highly influential leaders who are adored, respected, magnetic, called upon to share their thoughts and paid the big bucks…

And everyone who wants all these things, but doesn’t have it.

These Unique Messengers are those who’ve mastered communicating their gifts, talents, and skills as being essential to their audience’s growth.

This goes on to create massive impact, generating insane amounts of income by simply leveraging the message that communicates the unique & multi-faceted value they have to offer.

It’s concise, allowing people to easily understand what they represent…

It’s futuristic, drawing people into the world they want to live in…

It’s grounded, giving people a profound sense of peace…

It’s nuanced, threading people along the dichotomy of every hyphenate…

It’s direct, repelling people who don’t truly believe in the same vision…

It’s transformational, inspiring people to push past their limits…

Basically, their message is so unique to them, it leaves a trail of French, buttery breadcrumbs that only the RIGHT people want to pick up and devour.

And THAT is the key to standing out in today’s loud, chaotic world.

A Unique Message that Fully Captures All of YOUR Multi-Hyphenate Passions Needs to Clearly and Consistently Communicate . . .













A Unique Message is What SEPARATES Revered Public Figures Like

  • AOC
  • Lady Gaga
  • Ruth Bader Ginsburg
  • Sarah Blakely
  • Rachel Rodgers

from Everyone Who WANTS to Make that Type of Impact

After All, Having the Greatest Ideas in the World Means Nothing if You Can’t Clearly and Consistently Communicate Why People Should Care.

In fact, the greater your vision for the world the more quickly you’ll be dismissed.

People quickly ignore grand ideas for the future unless they are constantly reminded of WHO it serves and WHY it matters.

If you’ve dreamed of achieving greatness in your space, then you know that no cookie-cutter formula is going to work for you.

To reach the potential of your innermost dreams, you can’t simply mimic what’s worked for others – you know that you have to leverage the unique essence of your mission, values, experience, and skillset to reveal yourself as the next great leader in your space.

You already have “it” in you; your message is what allows everyone else to see and FEEL it.

That’s why we want to guide you through our proven method to extract and leverage YOUR style, mission, and story.

It’s critical for leaders to have a process to clearly & consistently share their unique message.

It’s only by putting the right part of their message in front of their audience at the right time, over and over again, can they be elevated in the eyes of their audience to become a Unique Messenger.


First, have a clear, unique message that’s 100% authentic to you.

Second, have a simple sales funnel that consistently puts that message in front of your audience.

Which is exactly what you’ll do in JUST 72 hours.

You’ll also get 1:1 coaching to have everything reviewed to ensure it’s accurate to your business AND a review of your entire sales funnel

When Platforms GROW OLD, Best Practices Become OUTDATED, And the Business World SHIFTS,



Ultimately, is for people who:


Have a burning message

Have a burning message they know without a shadow of a doubt the world needs to hear


Want to become

rich and recognized

Want to become rich & recognized for the uniqueness they bring to the world
In just 2.5 days, you’ll be fully equipped to clearly and consistently communicate everything that makes you unique, so the world SEES YOU, HEARS YOU, AND PAYS YOU.

Multi-Hyphenate Business Leaders, Entrepreneurs and Creatives We’ve Guided on the Journey to Being Revered as a Unique Messenger:

“We’ve worked with dozens of experts to get messaging support while spending tens of thousands of dollars and dozens of hours. Using this framework, we figured it out in less than an hour. I can’t emphasize just how good [this framework] is. Work with her.”

Chris Winfield & Jennifer Gottlieb

Founders, Super Connector Media

“What we discovered as we became more and more clear on our brand voice allowed us to create experiences that got my audience to genuinely trust my brand. The type of bond and loyalty we know how to consistently create with our audience is totally transformational.”

Selena Soo

Founder, Impacting Millions

“I’ve probably spent like $200k on coaches and strategists, which I don’t begrudge. But what I learned in the 3 days of working with Jen surpasses all of them combined.”

Kendrick Shope

CEO, Authentic Selling®

“We’re two of the best copywriters in the entire world. We constantly help clients get better at refining and tweaking their message. Yet we couldn’t see outside our own bottle. Getting experience from someone telling us what to and more importantly, what NOT to do made all the difference.”

Justin Goff & Stefan Georgi

Founders, Copy Accelerator

“I’ve been stuck in this pattern of getting ready to launch and stopping for years. My brain would just feel fuzzy on what to talk about so I’d stop. This is the first time in my life that the fuzziness is gone. I’m so clear on what to say to attract the right people. This has literally transformed my life”

Melissa Wright

Truth and Alignment Coach

“Before I started working with them, I wasn’t publicly sharing my message. “I didn’t know how to speak to my audience – I had no idea where to even start! Now, I’m crystal clear on the stories that get my people to spend money with me. It’s so exciting!”

Nicole Tobon

Founder, Softball Students Mentorship


It was only through clearly and consistently sharing their Unique Message did they become the revered, rich & respected leaders they are today.

While it takes time to find massive success, we can promise that at the end of this 2.5 day event, you’ll be psychologically & emotionally prepared to step into the greatness you already have within you.

Brand Strategist



Forbes’ #1 Brand Strategist in the World Known for Elevating Leaders, Entrepreneurs and Visionaries into Unique Messengers

If you’re anything like me, you’re passionate about many things…

And you know that there’s a way that they can all be combined together to elevate yourself to be a respected leader – the next Someone – who makes a ton of money.

You just haven’t quite figured it out yet.

I see you, Multi-Hyphenate Leader.

You’re sick and tired of fumbling through the newest funnel, stressing over what to post on social media and figuring out how to get your people to spend money with you.

You want the RIGHT message that beckons to the RIGHT people who see you, trust you and pay you.

The message that spreads like wildfire, putting your name in the mouth of influential people all around the world.

The message that encompasses all of the things you’re passionate about…

Your Unique Message.

Knowing your unique message, inside and out, then clearly and consistently sharing it eliminates all confusion because you know what people need to hear to be moved to action.

Something I’ll personally help you with during The Messenger.

If you’ve followed my track record, you’ll see that I’ve been turning up and coming multi-hyphenate leaders into industry leaders since 2013…

And while I’d love to take all the credit, the truth is these people already knew they had something great to offer the world.

I just gave them a structure to shape, test and refine their Unique Message.

The exact same structure you’ll walk through inside of the Messenger.

So if that’s what you want, save your seat.


  • Understanding business models and molding your to match the life YOU want to live so you can practically build a business that only needs you 3-4 days each week
  • The highly misunderstood ‘CEO Cadence’ and how it’s the “secret” behind getting your team to double their production
  • A perspective that only multi 8-figure earners understand when it comes to diversifying their focus to stand up passion projects, new ventures and legacy businesses
  • The practicality of shaping your life and business around your values to be more fulfilled with your work while making a jaw dropping amount of money
  • And so much more…

The VIP Day is only for those who are serious about building a Values-Driven business that allows them to live the life they truly desire.




10:30am PT – Welcome to The Messenger, Day 1!

What to Expect + What We’ll Cover

Training: Scaling Your Business From Possibility to Profitability

Every great idea starts in the Possibility phase. Here we’ll set the structure to understand what needed to scale from Possibility to Purpose-Filled.

Exercise: Building Your Unique Message Model

Your Unique Message is the foundation on which you elevate how the world sees, hears and pays you. Let’s get crystal clear on YOUR Unique Message.

Lunch + Leadership Networking

Training: Values-Driven, an Intention-Mechanism: The Secret to Staying in Flow during the Hustle

Values pave the way for every decision in your life. The more you stay aligned with your values, the more consistently you’ll choose the best opportunities for yourself.

Exercise: Designing Your Values-Driven Life & Business

Lets get crystal clear on your values so you can consistently make the best decision for yourself and your business.

Training: The Archetype Masterclass

Archetypes are the key to understanding what your audience need to hear in order to pay you money. Here we’ll dive deep into the psychology of persuading people to say “I want what you have!”

Coach One, Coach All Hotseats

3:30pm PT – Day 1 Complete



10:30am PT – Welcome to The Messenger, Day 2!

Recap Day 1 + What We’ll Cover on Day 2

Training: 2023 Brand Predictions

Each year Forbes asks me for my Brand Predictions for the Small Business Marketplace. You get first dibs to this information.

Training: Be a Messenger, Not a Marketer

Gone are the days of the best marketer winning the marketplace. Now is the time that the most Unique Messengers win the affection and wallet of the people

Lunch + Leadership Networking

Training: The Experience Story Sequence

People need to know, like and trust your business before they spend money. The Experience Story Sequence is the key to making that happen quick, fast and in a hurry.

Training: Persuasive Storytelling

Storytelling is the most persuasive way to win an audience over. Here we’ll unlearn the bad habits we’ve been told about storytelling to tap into the most natural way to share stories.

Exercise: Build Your Persuasive Storytelling Bank

Armed with how to tell stories, it’s now time to identify and catalog YOUR stories so you’re always ready to share a story to attract then convert an ideal client.

Coach One, Coach All Hotseats

3:30pm PT – Day 2 Complete


What will I actually be getting out of this live event?

At the end of this training, you’ll have 1) a clear unique message, 2) an foundation of how to share your brand voice and, 3) you’ll have a clear understanding of how to tie stories back to your offer

What’s an “expert-based online business?”

An expert-based business is one in which the offer provided is based on your professional experience. This is packaged in ways such as consulting, coaching, training, teaching, creative, freelancing and it includes topics such as personal & professional development, playing the guitar, knitting, barbering hair, massage therapy, cooking, and group learning experiences to name a few.

I’ve taken {insert big name course here}. Do I really need to attend the Messenger Live?

This isn’t a course – this is a transformational experience with a world renown brand strategist and a team of consultants to clarify your brand voice. Long story short, if you’re not 100% confident you will always have the words to attract and enroll the right people, then you want to attend

Do I already need to have a website or a social media profile on every platform?

Nope. You really only need 1 social platform set up

Is this training just for new(ish) entrepreneurs?

Absolutely not. In fact, The Messenger is best suited for entrepreneurs already making multiple 6-figures because they already know what works which means they only need small tweaks to create huge results

Will this work for me if I’m already making 6-figures or more in my business?

Yup. In fact, the messaging framework we’ll work through is best for 6-figure earners because they already have data to support what does and doesn’t work.

What if I have a product-based or e-commerce business?

This is for you. The method is this workshop will help you to persuasively share the why behind your business to potential clients, team members and investors (if you decide to go this route).

Is this training only for coaches or online businesses?

Nope. This training is for any expert-based business owner who wants to develop the messaging, marketing & offer that will turn the right strangers into raving clients.

How much time should I set aside for this event?
The Virtual Event will take place on August 31st & September 1st from 10:30am – 3:30pm PT / 1:00 – 6:30pm ET. That’s a total of 10 hours. We recommend you take an additional 30-minutes at the end of each day to wrap up any open thoughts. That means a total of 11-hours
Will I have access to a recording of the event?

Yes. A replay of all session will be sent out within 72 hours of the event completion

Do I have to be tech-savvy to succeed with this training?

No. All you need to know is how to access the PDF workbook we’ll provide and log into Zoom.

Can I get a refund or transfer my ticket?

There are no refunds so all sales are final. You can transfer your ticket to someone else up to 14 business days before the event. Please email [email protected] for help.

What’s My Investment?




What You Get:

All Training Sessions on 8/31 & 9/1
Virtual Swag Bag
All Workbooks and Handouts
Replays of the entire event in your Unique Message portal
One (1) entry to win a raffle prize
One (1), 1:1 Call with a Business Advisor to set up an execution plan of what you learned
One (1) Archetype Influence Mix License
One (1) entry to win a hotseat with Jen Kem
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